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Not bad, but not great…

I had about $16 total in these 8 items and made around $36. Not a great profit, but this was the “this shit has gotta go” week. This was the last time I was hoping to list this stuff so the price was right for buyers that were shopping today. I’m not up for donating my leftovers quite yet and I’m ready to have more feedback, so I went with some $.99 listings and some low prices that would be too hard to pass up. It worked! I listed every item that hasn’t sold in the past couple of months when I had that rediculous free 200,000 listings that eBay offered and just went with it. I’m happy and I’m sure the buyers are too! 😊



I get a majority of my inspiration for what to buy and resell on eBay from blogs. Here are a few that I have on my Feedly App, which I can also look at on my computer… <- I just realized that I actually know this person’s son and daughter in-law. How odd!!! They use to come to my house and watching football and other sports.


But, that’s where I get most of my inspiration. I read through the newest posts almost every night right before bed, and I check out older articles too.

Ps… Thanks to all the bloggers above!!


readingandyoga asked:

How do you pick what to buy at the goodwill?

I usually get ideas from other bloggers. There are lots of great ebay resellers that blog and I have a free app where I follow them all. It’s called Feedly. I also use my ebay app in the store A LOT!! I look at completed auctions to see what things have sold for. If you have the app (that’s free) you can search for an item, click Refine in the upper right hand corner and then then click “Completed” to search for what things have sold for and what items haven’t sold, so you know what to not waste your money on. That is how I knew to buy things like the board game I bought today and certain brand of hot rollers that I pick up. One great example of using the eBay app is when I found that orange photo frame. I thought it looked fancy, and when I looked up that brand I saw them going for around $30. I had to have it. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. I really enjoy my new eBay selling venture and have had pretty good luck with it. I’m happy to share any information that I have! 😊

Today I spent another day at the Goodwill Outlet. I’m going to try to do this every 4-6 weeks, as that I the only way it stays feasible to make the drive to Nashville just for thrifting. I spent $39.35 an got A LOT! 58.75 pounds worth of stuff to be exact! The top figure, just under $2.00 was another customer’s bill. people who have less than 50 lbs will bundle with you and pay you cash to cover theirs. he gave me $2 and I did my good deed for the day. You can see my cart after checkout in the photo above. My prize find was the board game HOTELS by Milton Bradley. As you can see in the listing above, these guys bring in big money. I seem to be missing one single piece to this game, so I’m not looking at $100, but I’m looking to make enough to pay for everything I bought today. :) I also found an Air Jordan duffle bag. I’m still looking into rather it is real or not, but so far it looks pretty legit. It also looks brand new. I was shocked to find it on top of a pile of stuff as clean as the day it was manufactured, but that just proves, there are deals to be found! I did pick up a couple of knock off items. One was a Chanel bag that looks real on the outside, but is obviously a fake. The same goes for a Coach wallet I picked up. I can’t list them on eBay, but I can sell them locally and advertise them as fakes. Looks like it is time to get down to sorting and listing. 😊

eBay Sales 4-29 to 5-1…

I sold this baby sleeper that I got for a dollar at the mile long yard sale and made a profit of about $4.50… Not bad for one item of baby clothes. 😊

I sold some vent filters that I paid around $.27 for at the goodwill outlet and made around $5 after shipping costs.

And last but not least, this leather jewelry roll that looks like a clutch and was new with tags, that I got at a local yard sale for $2 made me a profit of around $7.

"What about the bouquet holder you see above?", you say. Well it was bid on by some lady who wanted 8 of them. My listing clearly said 1, but she bid anyway. She didn’t want my one, so she renigged on her bid. Not so great for me, but I suppose you that’s the way the ball bounces.

And in other bad news, I put the word “onesie” in a listing, not knowing that it was trademarked by Gerber and had the listing that already had a bid on it removed. So I’m not only out the $9.99 that someone bid on it, I am now restricted to how many clothing items I can list for the next SIX MONTHS!!!! I had to send an email to this “Gerber” company asking them to undo my violation. Yippee. We’ll see what happens.

Today was a good day!!!

I sold 4 things so far, all with high profit margins!
1. A Sony DVD remote that I paid about $.25 for at the Goodwill Outlet made a profit of $8.50!
2. A wallet I got at a yard sale for $2 profited around $7.50…
3. I sold the digital converter box that I got at the local goodwill for $12.99 again, due to a deadbeat buyer. I relisted it and it sold but it now after about an hour. :)
4. And last but not least, I sold the life jacket I got at the goodwill outlet for $.25 and made a profit of about $8.

Yay!! Time to relist 50 some items while I can still list for free. I have 28 hours until my 200,000 (haha) free listings run out.

Sales 4/20 - 4/25…
I’ve had 9 decent sales in the past 6 days!
1. A group of 4 cd’s I had laying around including The Sister Act 2 Soundtrack, Men In Black, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and one other I can’t recall. I had no use for them, so odd they went. For a $3.00 profit.
2. Seven Oreck vacuum bags I got at the goodwill outlet for about $1. $8 profit.
3. A set of Flippers I purchased at a Goodwill in Lexington, KY on a road trip for $1.50. If this guy ever pays me I should profit around $11.
4. A plush bear I got at the local goodwill for $.99. My profit was around $6.
5. An electric storybook rhyming toy. I purchased this at the local goodwill for $1 I think, so that should leave me with about $10 in profit.
6. A bunch of baby shower stuff I had laying around and sold for $4.99 plus s&h. Not a huge profit, but it’ll be out of my way a long as this guy from Ireland ever pays me.
7. My most random purchase/sale ever! A sequin bra thing that I got at the goodwill outlet for around a dollar. I should make around $8 on this gem. How odd! The lady who won it seems to buy random stuff like this. Probably for a retail store. She wasn’t the only watcher though. Makes me want to buy more random stuff like this! lol
8. Last, but not least… A pair of kids light up, laceless sketchers. There was a little bidding war for these, which I love. I started them at 9.99 and the two people bid them up to $10.49. Not a huge difference, but I’ll take it. I bought these while yardsaling with my future in-laws for $1 and should have around a $9 profit. Yay for reading those blogs talking about kids shoes!

Overall I profited just under $60, and only spent around $6.50. I’m not complaining!

I do have a LOT more eBay listing to accomplish by 12pm eastern standard time on the 29th, since I have unlimited free listings until then an a room of stuff to list. We’ll see how it goes. I have 91 things listed right now. 😊

Today I have 3 sales to report from the weekend.
1. This super pretty Justice dress I purchased at goodwill for $3.49. A little pricey, but too pretty to pass up!
2. This cookie press I got at the local Goodwill. I paid between $2.99 and $4.99 for this beast. I can’t remember for sure. I waited a while to list this thinking that I may keep it to make butter cookie in the Christmas season. But alas, I put it up for $19.99 buy it now and woke up to it sold Saturday morning. Shocker! The only downside… I charged $3.99 for shipping and spent over $9. But, a sale is a sale.
3. Bieber!!! This book seemed like something I just had to sell. I think I spent $2.99 on it at the local Goodwill.

That is all for the weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know that we did with my parents!

4 good sales to report.
1. An unopened Nintendo cord I had laying around.
2. A set of curlers I paid $2.99 for.
3. A onesie that is freaking adorable that I got from The Goodwill Outlet for about $.16.
4. A digital converter box I bought at the local Goodwill for $12.99. Yes, that is more than I normally spend on a thrift item, but I did the research on this model with the barcode scanner and found it was selling well. It did better than I even imagined though. :) I still have A LOT of stuff to list, but I’m working in it. Mom and dad are coming to visit this weekend though, so I may slow down a bit while they are here. Plus my “eBay room” is the room they stay in, so everything is stored away in totes for now.

Today I have 3 sells that excite me.
1. A random notepad I used 1 sheet out of and found in a box of stuff in the laundry room. I guess they are sought after, considering they are selling like crazy and mine was only listed about 14 hours before someone bought it.
2. My $.49 cent Goodwill find. I think I may have mentioned it yesterday…
3. This antique dish I found. It said Portugal in barely legible ink, so I picked it up for $.49 at a goodwill and it is currently bid at $9.99.
The crazy part about all three of these is that they are TINY. The notepad is 3”x4”, and both dishes are barely bigger than my hand. It’s been a good day. Now back to listing the kids life jacket, baby clothes and scarves I picked up at the Goodwill outlet on Sunday. 😊

Today’s great sales were these two items. I paid $.49 for the bowl and $1.49 for the frame, both from our local Goodwill. I did research the frame when I found it and saw that they were high end photo frames, so I was excited to see what I could get for it. I couldn’t find another one like it online anywhere so I listed it for $29.99 or best offer. I received the $20 offer today and accepted right away. I’m not a greedy seller and it was a great profit. The bowl was something I just picked up and took the chance. Can’t go wrong with a quality looking item for $.49! I have 1,000 free listings available over the next few days, so it will be non-stop listing after 6pm every night. I hope to get about 50-70 things listed, since I bought all that stuff on Sunday. At any rate, These sales and a few more that haven’t ended yet totally make it worth all the work though. 😊

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